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92302 Liquid Level Indicator

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail 92302 Liquid Level Indicator

The Shand & Jurs Model 92302 Liquid Level Indicator is a reliable float actuated level gauging system. It is designed to provide reliable and virtually trouble-free service for installation not requiring accuracies better than ± 1 inch. Shand & Jurs provides as standard, rugged aluminum or redwood indicator boards. 316 Stainless Steel boards and mounting hardware also available. Graduations are in feet and inches or meters and decimeters, large black numerals make readout highly visible from a distance. Half or third travel indicator boards are offered for special installations, such as underground tanks. Outage ( reverse reading) , volumetric and custom marked boards available. To simplify ordering and installation, Shand & Jurs provides complete installation kits for redwood and aluminum indicator boards. Complete kit includes float, brackets, clamps, anchor bar, target, sheaves, guide wire spring assembly, guide wire and liquid seal when required. The choice of material selection for kits permits installation in a variety of environmental conditions. To provide a vapor tight installation and protect the gauge board from corrosive tank vapors, a standard liquid seal is available. Shand & Jurs also offers JB3704 Limit Switches to actuate high and low level alarms, provide pump control or other signaling functions.
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