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92500 Retrofit Automatic Tank Gauge

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10 / 12 / 2019
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Detail 92500 Retrofit Automatic Tank Gauge

The Shand & Jurs Model 92500 Retrofit Gauge is specifically designed to replace existing Varec Model 2500 Gauges and GSI 2500 Model in existing installations. The Shand & Jurs 92500 allows for improvement in accuracy while minimizing field labor to replace existing gauges. Shand & Jurs design allows for a simple retrofit onto existing gauge piping in ground reading installations. Absolutely no piping modifications are necessary, allowing for easy replacement of Varec or GSI Gauges. Future field service and maintenance is reduced due to the 92500' s improved design over existing gauges. The Shand & Jurs Model 92500 meets or exceeds the Varec or GSI stated accuracy for the existing installation. Since the 92500 is equipped with the Acutrak 90™ Modular Cartridge, gauging accuracy and ease of maintenance with respect to existing systems improves. Choice of materials, rugged construction and counter housing sealed from gauge head permits application of the gauging system to a wide variety of environmental conditions. An operational checker for manually jogging the tape to insure a " free movement" system is standard on gauge head as well as provisions for optional high and low level limit switches. A hand crank for manually raising and lowering the float is also optional. Complete accessory kits are available for all standard and most special tank confi gurations and cover a broad selection of materials.
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