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93421 Tape Or Cable Block Valve

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail 93421 Tape Or Cable Block Valve

The Shand & Jurs Model 93421 Tape or Cable Block Valve is utilized in Automatic Level Gauging Systems to isolate the pressure source from the gauge head for inspection, and service of the gauging system without reducing tank pressure, or in installations where it is necessary to close a valve on a flat tape or cable. Should the action of product turbulence cause the tape to break, the cable block valve offers a cable catcher that stops the tape at the tape-cable junction. The tape cable assembly is replaceable without depressurizing or emptying the tank during tank filling, when breakage is seen. The valve is supplied with 2" flat faced flanges on the aluminum body and raised face flanges on a cast steel body. The 300 pound raised face flanges have eight ½ " diameter mounting holes and the 150 pound has four ½ " diameter mounting holes. Flange gaskets and hardware are not included with the valves. Adapter flange available for 1 ½ " NPT connections. The valve is normally used in the open position and closed only when required. To close, firmly screw handle clockwise. The Teflon tube inside the housing, presses firmly against both sides of the tape or cable. To open, screw handle fully counterclockwise. The handle makes approximately 1 ½ turns from the closed to open position.
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