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  • Anthracite Tohkemy

Anthracite Tohkemy

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01 / 12 / 2019
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CV. TIO TECHNOLOGY adalah Group Perusahaan besar yang bergerak dalam bidang, Trading And Engineering untuk : ENGINEERING SUPPORT INDUSTRIAL, MINING, POWER PLANT BUILDING, dan proyek INFRASTRUCTURE lainnya, yang mengkhususkan diri dalam bidang: EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER untuk: Water, Oil dan Gas ( WOG) .

Detail Anthracite Tohkemy

Anthracite is one of filter media for SS and turbidity removal, made of anthracite coal having high carbon content. Carbon is largely resistant to water and chemicals among other substances and also, coal of high purity and of good crystalline condition has the highest physical strength. Making use of these characteristics, Anthracite has been developed as filter medium. Features of Anthracite : * Catching turbidity at external void * Catching a large quantity of turbidity * Filtration up to deep layer * Easy back wash * High resistance to chemicals We provide the following sizes of this product : * Anthracite Tohkemy 0.70 mm * Anthracite Tohkemy 1.10 mm * Anthracite Tohkemy 1.50 mm * Anthracite Tohkemy 2.50 mm
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