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  • Catridge Spun Hydro-Cure

Catridge Spun Hydro-Cure

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01 / 12 / 2019
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CV. TIO TECHNOLOGY adalah Group Perusahaan besar yang bergerak dalam bidang, Trading And Engineering untuk : ENGINEERING SUPPORT INDUSTRIAL, MINING, POWER PLANT BUILDING, dan proyek INFRASTRUCTURE lainnya, yang mengkhususkan diri dalam bidang: EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER untuk: Water, Oil dan Gas ( WOG) .

Detail Catridge Spun Hydro-Cure

Hydro-Cure® melt blown polypropylene filters are designed for sediment removal from potable water. They are made to provide high flow rates with minimum pressure drop. Flow rates of up to 5 gpm per 1 0" length are recommended and should not exceed 10 gpm per 10" length for optimal efficiency. The maximum operating temperature is 125° ( 52° C) . Hydro-Cure® melt blown filter cartridges are made of polypropylene resin meeting FDA regulation 21 CFRL 77, 1520 ( c) 1.1. No binders, lubricants or anti-static agents are used in our manufacturing process. Filter cartridges are available in 1, 5, 25, and 50 micron ratings and will fit most standard filter housings. Standard filter lengths of 9.8" , 20" , 30" and 40" are available. Cartridges are individually shrink wrapped and labeled. Hydro-Cure® sediment filters have the micron rating embossed on the side of every cartridge for easy identification. Applications Include: Drinking Water, Reverse Osmosis, Food & Beverages, Hotels, Housing Complexes, General Industrial Filtration
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