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  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Gauge Hatch

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Gauge Hatch

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15 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Gauge Hatch

The Shand & Jurs 94069 Series Gauge Hatches are designed to provide ready access to storage tanks for level gauging or obtaining samples. Carefully chosen resins allow application to a wide range of products that previously required exotic metal construction. The Shand and Jurs 94069 Series Gauge Hatches provide an effective vapor tight seal to minimize costly product evaporation loss, until level gauging or sampling of the tank is required. A secondary feature of the Standard Design 94069 Series Gauge Hatch is to provide pressure relief supplemental to the conservation breather vents. Construction Standard: Flange, Seat, and Handle are made from Derakane 470 Vinyl Ester Resin. Stainless Steel Hardware and Teflon diaphragm is standard. Special air cushion seal design ensures long lasting vapor tight service. All units are flanged and drilled to match ANSI or DIN flat face flange. Custom: Other resins ( e.g. Furan) and stud materials are available to meet exact corrosion requirements including 411 Derakane, Furan, and Hastelloy. Fast Inspection, Easy Maintenance Unit’ s rugged and lightweight design provides for easy, convenient handling for installation, inspection, and maintenance. FRP Vents should be mounted on a flat face flange, using a full-face gasket. Features The Shand & Jurs FRP 94069 Series Gauge Hatch has a lock down cover option for applications where additional venting is not required. Both types have a foot pedal allowing the cover to open while a self-closing feature prevents personnel from accidentally leaving the cover open, once their foot is removed. Optional: Specify ' manual closing' when it is more desirable to leave the cover open during inspection or maintenance procedures.
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