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  • Goodyear 541533107BIN20

Goodyear 541533107BIN20

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01 / 12 / 2019
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WOGSE Limited Partnership ( Water Oil Gas Systems Engineering ) adalah Group Perusahaan besar yang bergerak dalam bidang, Trading And Engineering untuk : ENGINEERING SUPPORT INDUSTRIAL, MINING, POWER PLANT BUILDING, dan proyek INFRASTRUCTURE lainnya, yang mengkhususkan diri dalam bidang: EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER untuk: Water, Oil dan Gas ( WOG) .

Detail Goodyear 541533107BIN20

Built with a corrugated cover to provide flexibility in petroleum transfer service. A variety tube compounds are available to tailor the chemical and hydrocarbon resistance of the hose to the type of material handled. Hose supplied completed with Built in Carbon Steel Nipple Flanges ASA 150 LB on both ends, Working Pressures 300 Psi Specification Panjang : 20 Ft Lebar : Inside Diameter 3"
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