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Itap Pressure Reducing Valve

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21 / 02 / 2024
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CV. TIO TECHNOLOGY adalah Group Perusahaan besar yang bergerak dalam bidang, Trading And Engineering untuk : ENGINEERING SUPPORT INDUSTRIAL, MINING, POWER PLANT BUILDING, dan proyek INFRASTRUCTURE lainnya, yang mengkhususkan diri dalam bidang: EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER untuk: Water, Oil dan Gas ( WOG) .

Detail Itap Pressure Reducing Valve

ZOOM Strainers and pressure reducing valves DOWNLOAD TECHNICAL FEATURES Art.143 - EUROPRESS pressure reducing valve Compensated piston operation Female/ female threads Body in nickel-plated brass Minimum and maximum working temperatures: 0° C, 80° C Maximum inlet pressure: 25 bar Outlet pressure can be adjusted between 1 and 6 bar Factory preadjustment: 3 bar Outlet pressure gauge connections 1/ 4" on both sides Threads: ISO228 ( equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228) Also available with NPT thread in the sizes 2' ' 1/ 2 - 3' ' - 4' ' . Available sizes: 1/ 2" through 4" . Technical specification In order to avoid eventual cavitation and excessive noise, we recommend to follow a reduction factor between inlet pressure and outlet pressure of 2, 5. For example, with an outlet pressure of 4 bar, the maximum inlet pressure has to be not more than 10 bar. In case of higher inlet pressure, we recommend the installation in series of two pressure reducing valves.
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